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Banana perfume

Banana perfume

Fruity and tropical, Banana perfume will add a fruity note to any scent.


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50 ml (1.7 oz)$35.00
10 ml Roll on$10.00
Sample (1.0 ml)$1.00
spray sample (2.0 ml)$3.00

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Writen By : dawnfiller

Horrible! I love, love, love the scent of banana so I almost bought the perfume without testing it. Luckily I did buy a sample. Omigod it is so awful! Have you ever been to a zoo? That scent of rotten bananas mixed with feces by the monkey cages is exactly what this perfume smells like! I nearly gagged! I tried to wait for an hour to see if it improved but it stuck to me like stink on a monkey! Eew! I finally washed it off! What a big disappointment! Test this perfume if you really love bananas. Maybe I received a bad batch - nasty!