What is the difference between cologne, eau de toilette, parfum, etc...?
Simple. The concentrations are different. Eau de cologne is the least concentrated form of a fragrance, then comes the eau de toilette, followed by the eau de parfum, and finally the most concentrated, the parfum.

What is a "nose"?
A nose is a person who creates fragrances. There was a time when the job of perfume-maker was handed down from father to son but times have changed and now there are several schools dedicated to the science of perfume-making. At this time only three major French perfume-makers (Chanel, Guerlain, and Jean Patou) have their own in-house blender. The image is a picture of a nose at work.

Is it true that fragrances change scent on different people?
Yes. Each of us has our own unique body chemistry based on our genes, skin type, hair color, and even the type of lifestyle we lead and the environment in which we live in. So it is important not to purchase a fragrance because you smelled it in a magazine ad or on someone else. Try it on your own skin to see how it reacts with your own body chemistry.

As one gets older does the sense of smell diminish?
Yes. As we age our sense of smell slowly begins to diminish. As a result some older individuals apply more fragrance than needed.

How long will a fragrance last on me?
Fragrances are designed to last about 4 hours or so. Some people may notice that a particular fragrance lasts all day but by then it will not smell as it's supposed to. You must reapply once or twice a day.

Is it important to apply fragrance all over the body?
Yes. If a fragrance is only applied to the neck or behind the ears the fragrance will rise and disappear. It is important to apply a fragrance all over the body to ensure the scent lasts.

How does skin type play a role?
Oily skin holds scents much more than dry skin. So those with dry skin need to reapply more often.

Is it important to change fragrances according to the different seasons of the year?
Yes, since heat increases the intensity of a fragrance. There are certain fragrances that are more appropriate for summer and other stronger scents that would be better for winter use. A good guideline to follow is to wear lighter scents in the summer and stronger in the winter. Citrus scents are perfect for summer while orientals are better for winter.

How does the color of your hair make a difference?
Blondes -- with a fair skin will be happiest with long-lasting multi-floral creations. Their skin is often dry causing fragrances that are too subtle to evaporate rapidly. Brunettes -- usually have medium-to-dark skin which contains natural oils, allowing scents to last longer. Dramatic orientals are often favorites. Redheads -- have extremely fair and delicate skin which may be incompatible with fragrances which have predominant green notes.

How long can I keep my fragrance stored?
Fragrances don't last forever. There are certain precautions though that will ensure the quality of the fragrance. Keep the bottle in a dry, dark place. Heat can also destroy a fragrance so keep it from extreme temperatures. Colognes and eau de toilettes (not parfum) may be kept in the refrigerator in order to maintain their freshness. Fragrances usually last 3 years from the date they were manufactured, not the day you buy it. Certain clearance centers which I won't name but everyone knows who they are carry bottles that are at least 2 or 3 years old. Buy from department stores and reputable perfumeries to ensure the quality of the fragrance.

Where can I purchased discontinued perfume and hard to find fragrances?
Parfums Raffy carries over 1500 brand name fragrances including discontinued and hard to find fragrances. Perfumes like Bal A Versailles, Venezia Perfume, Creed Perfume, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Quelques Fleurs and many more.

Are imitation perfumes like their original counterparts?
Like everything else, there are high quality and low quality imitation fragrances depending on the quality of the ingredients. Some last 30 minutes on the skin while others last up to 4 hours like their original versions. There is a site that sells some high quality imitation fragrances ... imitation perfume.

We are always asked how to make perfume
We are pleased to announce that our fragrance blending services are now available to our online customers. To begin please visit our perfume making page.