Lemon perfume

Lemon perfume

A true citrus, Lemon perfume is refreshing and can be worn by itself or combined with other notes to lighten or provide a fresh top note.


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50 ml (1.7 oz.)$35.00
Sample (1.0 ml)$1.00

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Writen By : dawnfiller

Luckily I tried a sample before buying. I love citrus scented perfumes but this one is horrible! It goes on super strong smelling like lemon cleaning solution and it takes forever to settle down (20-30 minutes) then it is still a strong lemony scent but more like dishwashing or laundry detergent. Not a good scent for perfume! Unfortunately this scent lasts a long time so you will have to wash it off! A little goes a long way with this scent. Not one I'd recommend but maybe someone else will like it. Test it before buying a big bottle!!!