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Gendarme cologne for men

Gendarme cologne for men

The Classic: "The un-official fragrance of California."

The freshest! Casually sensual, yet professionally down-to-business. Distinctively driven to be assertive, yet ever so cleverly subtle. Made for a man because women love it! It blends uniquely with the user's musk, to create his/her own signature scent.

"Green" with citrus and verbena top notes. "Herbal" with a dry-down of jasmine and thyme, bound to a hint of leather. A full 12% oil blend for a compelling long last, that won't overpower the room.

NEW! - Try the new even more concentrated Gendarme Eau de Parfum for men. A longer lasting version of the classic Gendarme.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon,Lime,Bergamot,Lavender,Jasmine,Lilac,Thyme

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DescriptionSizePriceOn Sale
120 ml (4.0 oz)$130.00$125.00
60 ml (2.0 oz.)$95.00$85.00
300 ml(10.0 oz.)$175.00$165.00
spray sample (2.0 ml)$4.00
Sample (1.0 ml)$2.00

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