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Amouage Perfume "The Gift of Kings"

“We are an international, luxury fragrance brand, with long lasting and innovative fragrances that pay tribute to the art of fine perfume making. Our fragrances sing and tell a different story with creative integrity.”– David Crickmore, CEO

Since it's creation in 1983, Amouage fragrances have reflected the alchemistic heritage and the wonderful traditions of luxury perfume creation internationally.  Amouage is devoted to creating finely blended perfumes using only the highest quality and rarest ingredients sourced from around the world, bringing a true artistry to the perfumes.  In recent years, Amouage has extended its product offer to include home and bath products all of which reflect innovation, attention to detail and luxury.
Lead by CEO, David Crickmore, Amouage adopts an inventive approach to all its creations. Along with Creative Director, Christopher Chong, they have together reinvented the brand to make it appeal to today’s international consumers.
Amouage perfumes are developed according to Christopher Chong’s inspirational brief and created by world recognized perfumers in Paris, Grasse, Geneva and New York. The perfumers, with whom Chong chooses to work, have an intimate understanding of how to interpret his inspirational directions.
Christopher always looks for the unusual or different in his creations, even though they may fit into an established perfume genre. Florals are multi faceted, especially in the base notes; spices and woods are used in curious juxtapositions; and rare ingredients are often used in the heart and base notes for a diverse angle. The strength of the brand therefore lies in its creative integrity, since it makes its own trend, as opposed merely to following the flock.
Amouage has also introduced a new stratum of creativity in the Library Collection, which so far comprises of eight fragrances, each one a numbered Opus. The Collection was formed to celebrate the unexpected and to express the mastery within perfume creation. As such, the fragrances are true oeuvres, or works of art.
Amouage’s Bath and Body Collection includes soaps, hand creams, shower gels, body creams and body lotions across all the main line fragrances for men and for women. The products are made from the finest ingredients possible and the quality is unsurpassable.
A Home Collection of candles and parfums d’ambience has also been developed to fragrance the home and surroundings. As well as a specific Home Collection, many of the mainline fragrances include a corresponding candle to complement the collection.
Arresting and alluring, the various collections of Amouage perfume are synonymous with a lifestyle sought by only the most discerning patrons. The brand appeals to sophisticated, confident and well travelled consumers who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd by wearing something really special and innovative and to those who seek, and appreciate superior quality.

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