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Creed Selection Verte Private Collection

Creed Selection Verte Private Collection

Women with intuition and gentlemen with insight will love Creed Selection Verte, the CREED fragrance worn by the greatest name in the field of psychoanalysis. This fresh and penetrating fragrance denotes those who wear it as individuals of style, understanding and wisdom.

Creed Selection Verte at its heart features peppermint, a refreshing and stimulating herb occasionally known for its therapeutic properties, including improving mood.
Ambergris forms the foundation, while neroli and citrus, lightly peppered, form the top note.
Creed Selection Verte fragrance classification: Green / Citrus
Creed Selection Verte perfume characteristics: Herbal, citrucy and fresh with delicate peppered notes. Revitalizing and sophisticated.
■ Top Notes: Neroli and citrus, slightly peppered
■ Middle Notes: Peppermint, herb notes
■ Base Notes: Ambergris


Creed Selection Verte fragrance comparatives: Creed Tabarome Millesime, Creed Erolfa, Creed Green Valley

*All Creed Private Collection fragrances are packaged in large 8.4 oz. flasks. If you prefer to use your fragrance in spray form, we offer several color choices of Creed atomizers to use with Creed Selection Verte or any of your Private Collection Creed Fragrances 

INGREDIENTS: Neroli,Citrus,Pepper,Peppermint,Herbal notes,Ambergris

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