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Xerjoff Amber Star and Star Musk Set

Xerjoff Amber Star and Star Musk Set

Set of 2 bottles, one 50 ml Amber Star and one 50 ml Star Musk.

Amber Star is a rich and balmy perfume made up from the most decadently sweet ambergris. Paired together with notes of resin and married with ylang-ylang, Amber Star takes us on a journey into the most sensual and intoxicating of notes.

Star Musk is a scented gift from heaven where intoxicating musk, whimsically dances with rich spices and blooming flowers on a velvety layer of vanilla and sweet distilled oriental resins. Rich and uncompromising, Star Musk is much more that a luxurious scent. It is a powerful statement of style for those who are tirelessly searching for quality and individuality.


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Gift Set$700.00
spray sample (2.0 ml)$40.00
Sample (2.0 ml)$20.00

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