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Discover XerJoff perfume, a voyage to the most precious realm in the world of luxury perfumes, the place where the magical affinity between the wonders of Nature and Italian craftsmanship is celebrated.

CURRENT PROMOTION: 5 free XerJoff perfume samples with a 100 ml XerJoff fragrance purchase and 3 free XerJoff samples with a 50 ml or 30 ml bottle purchase - please list in comments section of online order form or call (818) 817-0880.

XerJoff fragrances are comprised of four exquisite lines.

XerJoff 17/17 fragrances - The Perfection of Nature and Man’s Ability The exclusive nature of the raw materials, selected from the very best offered by the traditional export countries is matched with meticulous attention to detail, right down to the creation of surprising “sculpture” bottles carved out of quartz stone, Murano glass and other precious materials. Mother Nature in a Fragrance XJ 17/17, created by the artisan expertise of the master parfumiers of Grasse, is a journey towards the discovery of the most precious part of the fascinating territory of essences, the place where the unique alliance between the millenary knowledge of Nature and technological research is celebrated.

XerJoff Shooting Stars fragrances - The avant-garde bouquets of these sophisticated scents are based on the ancient recipes and traditions of Grasse, but have also been inspired by an amazing natural wonder. In 1947, an awe-inspiring shower of meteorites fell to earth in Russia. It was a still, frosty, almost cloudless morning of February 12, 1947 in Eastern Siberia, when at 10:38 local time a bolid appeared in the sky, clearly visible in a full sunlight. It initially looked as a bright star, but soon turned into a dazzling fireball, which became slightly elongated. The bolid rapidly crossed the sky north to south, leaving behind it a boiling dusty trail of the meteroid particles. Then it passed out of sight behind the hills in sikhote-alin mountains... 

XerJoff Casamorati 1888 fragrances - XerJoff introduces a new collection of fragrances inspired by the ancient art of Italian perfumery; XerJoff Vintage Collection. The collection recreates the history of glorious house of fragrances founded in Italy between the 18th and the 19th century with the intention to safeguard their historical and artistic heritage of those glamorous era. La “Fabbrica di Profumi C.Casamorati” established in Bologna around 1888 was specialized in many fine fragrances and various sophisticated bath soaps. During the production years Casamorati has received numerous awards and precious rewards from major national and international exhibitions.

XerJoff Oud Stars Collection

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