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Xerjoff Malesia

Xerjoff Malesia

Tigers’ eyes, female claws, feline instincts, the call of the wild. The muguet approaches like a monsoon. At the equator, where the heart is, the beat becomes the crossroads of dreams, where the gurjum balsam, the West Indian sandalwood and the amber meet. Everything is allowed among the forsaken temples overgrown with lianas and the hi-tech skyscrapers. Your head feels like it is being cut off by a Dayak headhunter. From the cargo ships in the harbour barrels of oud, vanilla, tonka beans, tolu, ladanum and musk are unloaded, in a balanced blend of scents that sets aglow all the garments of the sultanate.

Muguet, Gurjum balsam,
Amyris, Amber oud, Vanilla, Tonka bean,
Tolu, Labdanum, Musk

INGREDIENTS: Lily of the Valley,Gurjum balsam,Amyris,Amber oud,Vanilla,Tonka bean,Tolu,Labdanum,Musk

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