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Fragrance du Bois London Spice

Fragrance du Bois London Spice

The origins of this intensely fresh fragrance can be traced back to London Oud, but the newly launched London Spice assumes a sexier and sportier evolution without any Oud in the background reworked to perfection by master perfumer

Francois Merle- Baudoin. It’s the fragrance of champions, anointing those who seek victory with a distinctive and inimitable scent.

London Spice is a masculine and iconic fragrance, taking those who dare to stand out from the crowd from day to night in exuberant style. Just like its namesake, it’s a charismatic perfume emblematic of the world’s greatest city.

Those who choose London Spice reign supreme.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon,Bergamot,Spearmint,Lavender,Jasmine,White flowers,Marine notes,Patchouli,Cedarwood,Nutmeg,Cardamom

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100 ml (3.4 oz)$385.00
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