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Germ Death hand sanitizer follows a formula very similar to one recommended by the World Health Organization. In our hand sanitizers, the active ingredient is 60-70% ethyl alcohol, which has been proven to kill germs. All ingredients and materials are sourced by American companies who may also source materials globally. 

Main Ingredients
Ethyl Alcohol - Our ethyl alcohol is sourced from vegetable sugars such as sugar cane, corn, potato or beets. The sugars are then fermented and distilled at approved facilities.
Vegetable Glycerin - The vegetable glycerin helps moisturize the skin due to the drying nature of ethyl alcohol. It also slows the drying effect of ethanol, therefore, allowing it to be more effective against germs.
Aloe Gel - Aloe refreshes and moisturizes the skin leaving a cooling sensation once the hand sanitizer has dried.
Water - Distilled water is added to the product to ensure the ethanol is the correct proof for maximum effectiveness without damaging the hands.
Essential Oils - All-natural essential oils and fragrances are added for a light pleasing scent.

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