In 1934, the brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali founded a tailoring workshop dedicated to the manufacture of high quality clothing.

In the 1950's - with the contributions of the family's second generation - sales swelled. As the firm specialized in fine menswear, its presence began to influence the Italian market. By the mid Seventies, the firm had opened its doors to foreign buyers. Exports consumed 50 percent of the entire Canali production in 1980.

Canali created its first fragrance in 2005 to embody the brand’s values and style, in a single olfactory sensation; designed for a modern man whose style and class sets him apart, a lover of beauty and a traveller. Luxury and elegance combined with tradition and innovation - values that can also be found in the characteristic notes of the fragrance created for canali by pierre bourdon, one of the most talented, inspired french parfumeurs, the name behind several successful fragrances.