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As a fragrance, PARAGON houses the botanical soul of Palo Santo and white Sage. It draws in the beneficial properties of these sacred plants, whose use has been secretly passed down through initiation ceremonies dating back to the first lines of Inca shamans. This mystical blend holds both protective and purifying powers. INITIO Parfums Privés borrows the element of magic from the shamans, interpreting this major accord in a contemporary formula that is potent and remanent. PARAGON is a vibrant and faceted scent. Pairing the soothing influence of Bergamot and Lavender with the force of Pepper, stimulates the mind and opens the heart. The fragrance bestows a protective aura around the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


Bergamot from Italy, white Sage, Lavender from France,
Palo Santo, black Pepper from Madagascar
Sandalwood, Agarwood
INGREDIENTS: Bergamot,Sage,Lavender,Palo Santo,Black pepper,Sandalwood,Agarwood

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90 ml (3.0 oz)$370.00
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