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Les Elixirs Discovery Set

Les Elixirs Discovery Set

Collection #1 is a culmination of years of conceptual design and development. Four olfactive harmonies with a common thread - inventive, intense and always within our natural perceptive balance. Extraits.

Oud - grand and unapologetically intense. Blood orange, vanilla extract and oud wood.

Elle – a blend that radiates confidence. Citruses, fruits and flowers. Smell it to understand.

Aqua – a refreshing burst of citruses and spices over warm amber. 

Flirt – tropical and floral paradise.

Discovery sampler buyers can request $50.00 credit toward any 100ml in the collection. To receive your promo code, reply “Sampling credit” to your purchase confirmation email. 

Olfactive design in collaboration with Rodrigo Flores-Roux & Olivier Gillotin.

Product details
4 x 2ml/.07 oz.
Natural spray

INGREDIENTS: Discovery Set

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Sample Set$50.00

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