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Mind Games Checkmate

Mind Games Checkmate

An effervescent burst of champagne rushes to action in a dazzling sparkle of hope in Checkmate. Succulent and seductive fruits and florals follow, drawing on their reserves of willpower. As you experience the bliss of surrender, an intoxicating blend of tobacco and bourbon emerge. The memory of the battle fades as the ground cradles you in potent and rugged notes of earth, moss, and patchouli.
Extrait de Parfum
Top: Davana, Champagne, Rouge Groseille DI
Middle: Rose De Mai Vitessence, Rose Bulgarian, Magnolia, Rose Centifolia Vitessence
Drydown: Tabac Bourbon DI, Patchouli Leaves, Tree Moss
Chypre Floral Tobacco
INGREDIENTS: Davana,Champagne,Rouge Groseille DI,Rose,Tobacco Bourbon,Patchouli,Moss

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100 ml (3.4 oz)$375.00
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Sample (1.0 ml)$5.00

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