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Neandertal Light

Neandertal Light

Neandertal light is in stark contrast to Neandertal dark, a journey which explores concepts of olfactory dissonance.
Radiant and expansive Neandertal light concentrates on the present and as such, possesses a linear and harmonious structure.
Hinoki oil is expanded with muted green notes creating a horizontal landscape, an olfactory still-life representation of nature.
The binding quality of orris gives Neandertal light rigidity, form and cohesiveness within the structure. This binding quality produces a powerful resulting force, encapsulating time and the space around us.
Leather and ambergris add unparalleled natural beauty and familiarity, displaying both power and magnetism.
A contemporary portrait of the Neandertal mystery, this fragrance captures a suspended snapshot in time.
Top notes: Hinoki, Coriander, Galbanum & Violet Leaf.
Heart notes: Orris & Metallic accord.
Base notes: Ambergris, Patchouli, Leather, Cedar & Musk.
Each bottle is handmade by the artist Kentaro Yamada. 
Origin: London, United Kingdom
Material: Handmade porcelain
Perfumer: Chris Maurice
INGREDIENTS: Hinoki,Coriander,Galbanum,Violet leaf,Orris,Metallic accord,Ambergris,Patchouli,Leather,Cedarwood,Musk

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90 ml (3.0 oz)$315.00
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