Rigaud candles were first created in 1950 by Madame Rigaud who was the first person to sucessful mix fragrance with a long lasting candle. While burning, these candles allowed the signature Rigaud scent into the air. Rigaud candles stand out among all the other candles manufactured in the world as they are among the longest lasting candles on the market today.

The Standard and Recharge burns for 50 hours, where as, the Demi and Mini burn for 25 hours and 12 hours respectively. The best known of the Rigaud candles is the first created, CYPRES (green). Then came CYTHERE (red), CHEVREFEUILLE (dark blue), SANTIFOLIA (pink roses), TOURNESOL (yellow-sunflower), VIOLAINE (purple)-RETIRED, GARDENIA (white). Rigaud's "Les Pastels" RETIRED. Two new fragrances, the GARRIGUE (lime green) and the LAVANDE SAUVAGE (lavender, deep blue), are available from Rigaud.