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Xerjoff V Soprano (Sospiro)

Xerjoff V Soprano (Sospiro)

Soprano comes from the Italian word "Sopra" which means above, as the Soprano is the highest pitch human voice can reach in classical opera. Soprano takes the ancestral lore of perfumery to a new dimension. Soprano's unusual rich fruity accords are magically blended with the white notes of milk and jasmine, freesia and oriental litchi, all wrapped up in a charismatic bouquet of rose and osmanthus. Only the richest base notes of woods, ouds and leather are combined, in order to preserve the everlasting effect of such a warm oriental "olfactive opera" as a veritable memory of art.

INGREDIENTS: Litchi,Fruity accord,Calabrian bergamot,Freesia,Milk,Bulgarian rose,Osmanthus,Jasmine,Oud,Patchouli,Leather

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