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A great fragrance is a source of joy and sophisticated self-expression. At Code Deco it is our ambition to create just such fragrances.

A great fragrance is also a bundle of contradictions: subtle, versatile, and potent, all at once. We balance these contradictions with grace, given our mastery over this craft and our luxurious and refined material palette.
We create in response to the subliminal moods and experiences that inspire us and are not driven by market trends. Capturing the ephemeral involves experimentation and nothing is ever too fantastical or far-fetched for us to attempt. The result is a fragrance signature that feels extremely personal, original, and nuanced.
I have been working with perfume since 1996 and it continues to enchant and energize. After all, chasing the ephemeral is a rare thrill and also a privilege.
FOUNDER, Gauri Garodia
From The Perfumer's Workbench
The Jazz base was inspired by Coltrane's 'Violets for your Furs'. It is a dark melancholy piece so we wanted to create a complex base with loads of depth and resonance. Ultimately we settled on an accord made out of cedarwood, tobacco, leather, patchouli and the piece de' resistance - vetiver from Haiti. This base is such a beauty that we decided to build an entire series around it, graduating from the very dark, enigmatic A minor through to a sparkling bubbling Happy Blu