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Alexandre.J, creative French designer and in touch with everything, launches his eponymous brand of perfumes in 2012. He frees himself from the codes of the traditional perfumery to propose his vision of the Beautiful: the alliance of luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances.

His multi-cultural inspirations are reflected in his creative process: mother-of-pearl bottle, glass paste, enamel medallion, pearl ornaments ... Architect of materials and senses, Alexandre.J refuses compromise and gives life to objects that arouse emotion.

Surrounded by the new generation of Parisian perfumers, Alexandre.J focuses on working only perfume waters. The raw materials used are sourced around the world, to offer a rich and surprising olfactory palette. Alexandre.J proposes identity juices, elaborated in such a way that each note makes the perfume coherent. Its olfactory signature: the elegant intensity of the first notes.