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Veronique Gabai LA CREME - Eau de la Nuit

Veronique Gabai LA CREME - Eau de la Nuit

Eau de la Nuit - An alluring composition of woods, amber, and musks, it is mysterious and sinfully addictive. This fragrance lingers on the skin, igniting desire. Applied as a layer to other fragrances, it will enhance their mystery and their sensuality as a promise of seduction.

“La Crème” is a magnificent lotion, fast applied, fast absorbed, incredibly moisturizing with hydrating properties lasting up to 8 hours…to give you a day long or a night long skin glow and sensation of comfort. Highly concentrated in fragrance and enriched with rose water, it is another way to scent your skin. It exists perfumed in Eau du Jour or in Eau de la Nuit… Pick your own, drench your skin in moisture; wear any signature fragrance on top of it… The layering always works!


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300 ml (10.0 oz.)$95.00

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