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Veronique Gabai perfume

There was in my heart a calling, stronger than anything else, to express my own vision, my own values, my own lifestyle, one that would be inspired by France and the Côte d'Azur, energized by the urban life of New York, anchored in Nature, Culture, Glamour….

My brand is rooted in values born in the Mediterranean, hedonism and humanism.
And with Nature at its core, it is inspired by its beauty,
Harnesses the power of its plants and will always protects its future.
There was a desire
To bring people closer together in a peaceful and festive atmosphere,
To give men and women inner confidence and a joyful smile with extraordinary products, crafted with talent and care. To add generosity to luxury, to add pleasure and magic to the experience, to add beauty to every day life.
The kind of beauty that enchants the senses, and lifts up the soul.
Sunshine for the Senses and for the Soul.
This is the promise of my brand.

- Veronique Gabai