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Voskanian Beyond Good and Evil

Voskanian Beyond Good and Evil

The fragrance cannot be placed on any scale, cannot be measured and classified. It walks the thin edge beyond common beliefs and questions, beyond humanity and divinity, beyond good and evil.

This perfume is unisex. It was launched in 2019
- Each perfume is handmade, distilled manually from essential oil containing plants growing in Armenia
- It is fully natural, no synthetic ingredient used
- Each bottle is painstakingly hand crafted from obsidian (there is no hidden glass bottle inside), and each bottle is unique
- Only 100 enumerated examples are launched for each fragrance

Top notes: nepeta transcaucasica, lemon catnip, melissa, yarrow
Middle notes: geranium, frankincense

Base notes: patchouli, vetiver

INGREDIENTS: Catmint,Lemon Catnip,Melissa,Yarrow,Geranium,Frankincense,Patchouli,Vetiver

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