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Xerjoff Richwood

Xerjoff Richwood

Xerjoff Richwood fragrance for men centers on sandalwood from Mysore one of the most beautiful--and rare-- materials in perfumery. Crowning the sandalwood's mellow warmth is a halo of crisp citrus. Patchouli and dark rose tinged with cassis lend the fragrance the elegant earthiness of a premier cru Bourgogne. Just as vintage wine opens in the glass over time, revealing a tale of complex character, Richwood continues to unfold on skin, enticing the nose to return again and again to experience its splendor.

The bottle: Cut from natures raw elegance, the new XJ 17/17 - 100 ml bottles continue the marriage between earths beauty and man artistic nature. Once only available in Limited Edition Murano and Quartz stone art pieces, the new XJ 17/17 - 100 ml bottles offer a natural extension to the XJ line. Each bottle is fitted with a hand cut and hand polished quartz stone and each piece contains an exquisitely crafted scent representing mans union with nature. No two bottles are the same. Only the worlds finest ingredients from all corners of the world are used to create these masterful blends. “What is art? Nature concentrated."

INGREDIENTS: Mysore Sandalwood,Citrus,Patchouli,Dark rose,Cassis

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50 ml (1.7 oz.)$450.00
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