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4D by Daniella Perfume Oil Roller Ball

4D by Daniella Perfume Oil Roller Ball

4D by Daniella is a perfume oil roller ball, set in a glass bottle for enhanced preservation and style. Your first impression will be sweet, but your lasting impression will be sexy and soft. Hints of floral, coconut and musk take you to a tropical oasis, perfect for daytime and evening wear.

Fragrance: Floral-Coconut-Musk
Notes: Cucumber, oceanic notes, ozonic notes, bitter chocolate, almond blossom, black currant, sandalwood, leather, Tonka bean, black coconut, white truffle, white musk

- 10.3 mL glass bottle
- Roller ball with a spring to avoid leakage
- Made in the USA

INGREDIENTS: Cucumber,Ocean,Ozone,Chocolate,Almond,Black Currant,Sandalwood,Leather,Tonka Bean,Coconut,White truffle,White Musk

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