Longing for a signature scent, Daniella Pavicic, founder and creator of the 4D by Daniella™ fragrance set out to create her first scent after a serendipitous encounter with renowned perfumer Robin Coe-Hutshing. Developed with the intent to transcend traditional fragrance boundaries and inspired by its composition like that of a song, 4D is a fragrance you can take everywhere.

The 4D Scent is made with soft coconut, almond blossoms and patchouli, among other luxurious and popular notes, it truly is a unique fragrance. Inspired by her early years of exploring scents at the Body Shop beauty store, and cuddling up with Lancome's Tresor in her mother's arms, Daniella was bound by distinct associations to smells and experiences, like most of us often are, and wanted to create one of her own. The beginning marks an evolution from recording artist to entrepreneur recognizing another avenue of expression in the sense of smell. 

The 4D Roller Ball Concept is luxury on the go. Oil in a glass bottle, fit with a spring to avoid leakage for any purse in every way. Packaged with true attention to detail with oils that mix with your own chemistry comfortably.