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Xerjoff Join the Club 40 Knots

Xerjoff Join the Club 40 Knots

40 Knots by Xerjoff JTC is the Italian yacht Club you leave from, destination: the Mediterranean, for an incredible course that Xerjoff has studied, uniting the pleasure of navigation with the charm of slices of life suspended in time.

The feeling of freedom in a sailboat allows you to think about the Mediterranean from an unusual perspective, temporal and olfactory. An undefined time, guided only by the wake of aromas that this extraordinary sea highlights and makes powerful in a jubilation of colour, light and mystery.

The Mediterranean brush becomes a palette declined into a thousand colours that the sun brings out in an emotional and highly effective abstract. Going nearer the coast, the natural landscape seems to be more and more defined and reveals the communities, the brave fishermen’s villages, whose daily cadence is a multitude of smells, clearly delineated by their sex, going from morning coffee to laundry soap to the waves of flotsam that only local fishermen can recognise with their incredible sense of smell.

Only in the most remote, hard to find corners, where it’s hard to orient yourself, protected by impervious vegetation that is full of wild flowers at sunset, can you find the hidden abbeys in their contemplative splendour. Here, in the heavy silence of prayer, the perfume assumes a spiritually elevated significance.

It’s impossible for Xerjoff not to distil all this Mediterranean wealth into a perfume that immediately evokes natural beauty, vivacity and mysticism of a legendary sea, which nurtures and divides the close fragrances in 40 Knots.

INGREDIENTS: Join the Club

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