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Xerjoff XXY

Xerjoff XXY

Xerjoff XXY is a unisex fragrance for men and women. The fragrance belongs to the woody and amber family, is versatile and extremely elegant. Refined and well orchestrated rare materials with sophisticated distilling technique creates XXY, eau de perfume with notes which evolves nicely for the female a male characters, sophisticated strength from the black pepper, Patchuli and Bergamot to the exquisite softness of the Jasmine and the heart Ylang Ylang from the Comore Island.

The bottle: From the world famous Art of Venice glass blowing a finest established artist and master glassmakers in Murano has produced a limited edition collection of bottles in various colours which can be filled with the chosen XJ 17/17 fragrances. This artworks are finished in gold flakes and presented in a ebony wood base with matching series number on engraved brass label.


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