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Xerjoff Elle

Xerjoff Elle

Xerjoff Elle fragrance for women belongs to the floral family and draws its originality from the combination with a kaleidoscope of woody and amber notes, which reveal an exclusive and contemporary femininity. It opens with a lively blend of hesperidin's accents, the pride of Calabria, softened by the fresh resin of galbanum, when the orange blossom opens up the way to a sumptuous bouquet of the noblest flowers, of which technology has revealed the most secret heart. Iris, as in the past, refines the leather chord of birch and valuable woods, with an evident heart of Patchouli, the result of a sophisticated distilling technique. The whole combination defines a decisive, high-impact heart which blends into the soft embrace of amber and musk and the mysterious essence of Tonkiphora balm, the surprising result of the co-distillation of drops of Siamese Benzoin with Somali Opoponax.

The bottle: Cut from natures raw elegance, the new XJ 17/17 - 100 ml bottles continue the marriage between earths beauty and man artistic nature. Once only available in Limited Edition Murano and Quartz stone art pieces, the new XJ 17/17 - 100 ml bottles offer a natural extension to the XJ line. Each bottle is fitted with a hand cut and hand polished quartz stone and each piece contains an exquisitely crafted scent representing mans union with nature. No two bottles are the same. Only the worlds finest ingredients from all corners of the world are used to create these masterful blends. “What is art? Nature concentrated." Murano Bottles: From the world famous Art of Venice glass blowing a finest established artist and master glassmakers in Murano has produced a limited edition collection of bottles in various colours which can be filled with the chosen XJ 17/17 fragrances. These artworks are finished in gold flakes and presented in a ebony wood base with matching series number on engraved brass label. 


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100 ml (3.4 oz)$550.00
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